Ganns’ Top 25 for 2010

After much deliberation, these are the top 25 songs on my Top 20 Singles and Tracks for 2010. For the first time since 2005, the year-end number one track is not a Christian song. That honor belongs to Gain, Miryo, Narsha, and Jea, collectively known as the Brown-Eyed Girls, and they top the year-end chart with their irresistible K-Pop dancefloor smash, Abracadabra. I actually like Abracadabra so much that I have the original, the Japanese version, and several remixes off YouTube. It went to #1 on my chart in April and I’m still not sick of it.

1. Abracadabra Brown-Eyed Girls
2. Oetoriya CN Blue
3. Restless Audrey Assad
4. Show My Love Ashmont Hill
5. I Can’t 2PM
6. My Help Comes From the Lord The Museum
7. Bonamana Super Junior
8. My Soul Longs Christ for the Nations
9. Madonna Secret
10. Who Am I? Super Junior feat Siwon

Abracadabra nosed out Oetoriya by CN Blue, which finished the year at #2. The highest-ranking Christian track is at #3, Audrey Assad’s Restless. The rest of the Top 10 is a pretty eclectic collection of K-Pop and Christian songs, with the song at #10, Who Am I by Super Junior featuring Choi Siwon, being the ultimate marriage of both musical genres.

11. Before the Morning Josh Wilson
12. Falling in Love With a Friend Beige feat. Super Junior’s Ryeowook
13. Starry Night Chris August
14. Magic Secret
15. I Did Wrong 2AM
16. You Don’t Answer My Call 2AM
17. Like Like We’re Dying Kris Allen
18. Doc/Run to You Super Junior feat. Kangin
19. Life Beckah Shae
20. Jojo SHINee

21. Back For Good Boyz II Men
22. Haven’t Met You Yet Michael Buble
23. I’ll Be Back 2PM
24. Bengeul U-Kiss
25. Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart Alicia Keys

With three songs in the Top 25 and another song by one of its members, Super Junior easily romps away with the Artist of the Year award. The Best New Artist award goes to CN Blue.

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