Justin Unger’s “This Is Freedom” gives goosebumps

Singer/songwriter Justin Unger, who made some amazing music with Ben Kolarcik as one-half of short-lived Christian duo Across the Sky, has released a digital single called This is Freedom. While it sings of American patriotism – not a big fan of the whole “good vs evil in song” paradigm – its instrumentation, with the strings and horn section, gave me chills. It’s one of the most added singles this week at US Soft AC/Inspo, so I think it may become a hit. According to the YouTube video, “America has less freedom of speech today than ever before in its history. And those who dare to speak out for truth are often targeted and maligned. Despite this assault on personal liberty, one voice is catching the attention of everyone who hears it. That voice is recording artist, Justin Unger; the song is “This is Freedom.” Bursting with an emotional expression of patriotism and our faith in God, “This is Freedom” captures the ear and heart of all who hear it. America is looking for an anchor; something to which we can hold fast that offers hope as we look to the days ahead. “This is Freedom” proves to be the song that unites us across denominational lines… across state lines.”

This is Freedom is good for a listen or three. And two thumbs up for whoever arranged the track. (The thumbnail, BTW, has no relation to the single. Can’t find album art for it.)

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