Rock Salt Restaurant in Timog does it again

Yesterday being Mother’s Day, I wanted to take my wife out to dinner. With my mother spending the night to help watch the kids, Caths and I went to the Rock Salt Restaurant in Timog. Rock Salt is one of Caths’ favorite restaurants; she goes there regularly with friends. It made sense to take her to a Quezon City restaurant that wouldn’t let her down.

There were four items on the nightly “Specials” list, but one item caught Caths’ eye: the “Bug Sandwich.” In a nutshell, the Bug Sandwich is a whole soft-shell crab, coated with cornmeal and served as a burger-type sandwich, with root chips and a tangy-sweet mustard-like dip. (This is what I get for not writing down the actual descriptions.) I was apprehensive, but it was time for something different other than the Cheese Steak sandwich, which I usually get. So while Caths opted for a pan-grilled salmon (served with a dill sauce on asparagus), I got the Bug Sandwich. And you know what? It was delicious! The texture was different, and I have to admit the combination of the crab with the other sides was, well, indulgent. What a novel idea for a sandwich!, I said to myself. It went really well with the bottomless iced tea, which I really enjoyed. Caths hated it; “too sweet,” she said.

After dinner, Caths recommended their Lava Cake, which was different because it is topped with caramel popcorn; on the side, ice cream served on a bed of crumble. So we ordered it, but since it was Mother’s Day, Rock Salt was giving free Lava Cakes to the mothers who dined in. (No signs or anything announcing it, so we were pleasantly surprised.) Yay! Free delicious dessert! (The ice cream crumble, in particular, was terrific!)

With a dinner like that, it looks like we’ll be visiting Rock Salt Restaurant in Timog more often. Special note to those of you considering Rock Salt: Tuesdays, all burgers are 40% off! See you next Tuesday! EB!

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