My Sorry Sorry acapella video

This is my translation of Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry,” arranged in nine-party vocal a capella harmony. No copyright infringement intended; this is a tribute to my favorite Korean idol group. The translation may not be an exact translation, but I’ve tried to keep true to the spirit of the song. I hope you enjoy it. :) Super Junior fighting! (I can’t watch you in Manila, and it’s killing me!!!)

English Version

Sorry sorry sorry sorry
I’ve fall, I’ve fallen hard for ya
Fallen fallen so hard for ya
Fallen fallen so hard baby
Shawty shawty shawty shawty
I can’t see my world without ya
I can’t breathe at all without ya
I am going crazy baby

When I see your face, I stop and stare
My eyes glaze over
And it feels to me like I am hypnotized
(Never can escape it baby)

The way you look when you come over
Ready to step in and break my heart
Cuz I can see it in your eyes
(Never can escape it baby)

Girl, you know you’re hot
And baby you have got it goin’ on
You are so amazing that you can’t compare to anyone
The world can see the fantasy that you create when you walk on
There’s no escape
It’s just too great
I gotta say I’ve fallen for you

Dan dan dan da dan dan da dan dan
Dan dan dan da dan dan da dan dan
I’ve fallen for ya, baby
Dan dan dan da dan dan da dan dan
Dan dan dan da dan dan da dan dan

Hey Gi-gi-gi-gi-gi-gi-g-girl
I just can’t seem to get you off my mind
Day or night, I see you every time I open up my eyes

Is there a place in your heart
A place where I can get to?
Girl I need to know
(So tell me tell me tell me)

Everyone around me says
I’m comin’ on now way too strong
“You’ll never get her,” they all say,
“Because she’s got it going on”

They can talk and only talk because they talk in jealousy
Let ’em talk when they see that you’re standing here right next to me

Let’s dance

Hey! Won’t you give half a chance?
I feel I’m going crazy yeah
Oh! I only want to love you all the time
There’ll never be another, hey!

You can trust in me, I’ll be your lover and your friend in one
(Don’t be sad, your secrets are all safe with me coz I’m the one)
I’ll never tell a single soul because the truth is I love you
And no one will love you the way I’ll love you if you let me love you

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