My 33rd Birthday Wish List

I just discovered that my good friend Happy Sammy is my birthday mate! Sammy and I share a lot in common. We’re both Christians; we’re both married to awesome people; we both love music and helping people out. We have differences, though. For instance, she’s older, lol: she will turn 34; I will turn 33. She is pretty; I am pretty (fat). She’s married to a basketball star; I’m married to a woman who I’m convinced will one day become ruler of the free world (or at least baker to the ruler of the free world).

Sammy recently posted a birthday wish list in her blog. What a great idea! So I’m copying her idea. If anyone out there would like to bless a Filipino-Christian on his February 26 birthday, any of the following would be terrific:

1. A CD! I love music! There’s so much terrific music out there, but any of the following KPop CDs would be such a blessing:

  • Super Junior’s “Super Show”
  • TVXQ’s “Mirotic”
  • Girls Generation’s “Gee” (the full-length CD)
  • 4Minute’s “4Musik”
  • 2PM’s “1:59PM”
  • SHINee’s “2009, Year of Us.” (We have this already, but we don’t have the Philippine edition. And my wife wants the poster.)

Of course, regular CDs are awesome too!

  • Anything from House of Praise (Phil Stacey, Mandisa, Switchfoot, Casting Crowns… there’s no shortage.)
  • Pink’s “Funhouse”
  • Taylor Swift’s “Fearless (Platinum Edition)”

2. Any face mask from Etude House. lol

3. Good quality earphones. My latest earphones – Sony – gave up yesterday.

4. A gym membership. rotflmao

5. A meeting with any A&R representative of any local record company. I want to write songs for secular artists too, y’know. lol

By the way, because these are longshots (because they’re rare and expensive), just join me in prayer for a) Super VIP seats to Super Junior’s April show; b) VIP seats to Backstreet Boys; and c) the Complete Calvin & Hobbes Collection.

The truth of the matter is this. God already granted my real birthday wishes:

1) I’m saved by the blood of His Son. One day, I will be reunited with my Father, and that will be the birthday gift to end all birthday gifts.

2) He gave me a woman who loves me unconditionally and who gives me reason to get up day after day after day.

3) He gave me two beautiful children who give me such pleasure and joy.

4) He chose and allowed me to do His work full-time. I love my job.

5) He gave me friends who I love and skills and talents that I enjoy using for His glory. More songs, Lord, more songs!

6) He and I are in a vibrant, dynamic relationship. He provides for our familial needs, He sustains, and protects. Honestly, how can any earthly gift compare to what I’ve got? My life is terrific!

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