Toni Braxton’s “Make My Heart” mp3 means she’s back!

There’s a new track about to hit R&B radio. It’s called Make My Heart mp3, and it’s by a woman named Toni Braxton.


Remember 90s R&B diva Toni Braxton? The chart-topping singer responsible for He Wasn’t Man Enough, Breathe Again, and Unbreak My Heart, among many, many other definitive 90s R&B and pop anthems, may have hit a bit of a road bump with her last two CDs (Libra, on Blackground, and More Than A Woman, on Arista), but her new CD on Atlantic Records, Pulse, which drops sometime in May 2010, may get her back into good graces.

The first single, Make My Heart, is a fast-paced R&B club torcher – you just know the gays are gonna jump all over this one – with great synth horns and a catchy chorus. Not quite sure whether Toni Braxton’s Make My Heart will be enough to jump-start her otherwise stalled radio career, but it certainly is a well-produced track that will probably enter my personal chart sooner or later. Make My Heart is actually one of two singles – the other is titled Hands Tied, and it’s geared towards the Adult R&B crowd – off Pulse. Toni seems to have taken a page off the storybook of Beyonce and released two singles at once. Not a big fan of that strategy, but whatever works for the goose – that’s Bee – might work for the gander – that’s Toni – even in the areas of chart mastery.

Meanwhile, give Toni Braxton’s Make My Heart mp3 a listen and tell me what you think. Does Miz Braxton have what it takes to get back on radio?

[audio:Make My Heart.mp3]
Listen to Toni Braxton’s Make My Heart mp3

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