TRAX’s “Let You Go” video moves me

TRAX, a come-backing South Korean rock band, has released the video to Let You Go, the carrier single off their new mini-album TRAX Mini-Album Volume 1 (which dropped two days ago). Out of an original four members, only two seem to be present in the video (Kim Young-Duk, known as Typhoon, and Kim Jung Mo, known as Xmas), but the quality of the song is excellent.

I’m posting this primarily because the MV is very, very good, IMHO. It features Super Junior’s Heechul and f(x)’s Victoria in a moving display of lovers who have chosen to go their separate ways. While the MV is not particularly unique, I think the passion of the song and the exquisite display of the emotions of the two actors makes for a powerful MV. Heechul is excellent; is there nothing this man cannot do? Sing, rap, and now, launch into an ugly cry on cue? Standing ovation for Heechul! Victoria, too, holds her own, terrific performance, terrific video.

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