Prayer and Fasting is almost over

Today is the last day of Prayer and Fasting. I’ve generally tried to be faithful to the fast and allow myself the barest minimum of online interaction so I could focus on God and really get into the spirit of things. It hasn’t been as smooth as it otherwise would’ve been – I’ve stumbled twice along the way, and some things at work, as well as the trial that I’d gone through with my Hyundai Getz, really tested my patience – but otherwise I’ve been okay.

This song has really helped get me through. I think Calvin Nowell is an unbelievably gifted songwriter. Don’t we all wish we could just worship God unrestrained?

[audio:03 Unrestrained.mp3]
Calvin Nowell – Unrestrained

I hope all is well with y’all, and I hope to blog again real soon. I have a lot of stories: my first commute-to-work experience, my Hyundai Getz issue, and the evil plans I have for 2010. Talk to y’all soon.

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