I heart my Makati dentist

Today, I visited my dentist in Makati Dr. Jay Catipon, for more than a routine cleaning. Today, Doc Jay started me on a two-week program designed to, um, whiten my teeth. lol

For a long time now, I’d been feeling a little insecure about the shade of my teeth. They lean more towards yellow than white. Doc Jay and his wife, Makati lady dentist Melody, told me that I had great teeth, but I told them that I was still concerned about the color. So they suggested I try their tooth whitening program, which was something I could do at home for two weeks, guaranteed to whiten my teeth a couple of shades. After much thinking, I said, “Okay, let’s do it!”

So two weeks ago, I visited Doc Jay so he could fit me with some moldings. (Sorry, I didn’t bring my phone nor my camera then, so I have no photos of that particular session.) Basically, he made me bite into some clay-type thing so he could create a mold of my teeth (done with the R2K Laboratory, which shares space at his office, the Catipon Dental Clinic in Makati). When I returned, he showed me these:

These are plastic molds of my teeth! Cool, no? (Doc Mel also showed me exactly why they said I had great teeth. And I realize, you know what? I do! Thanks, God! And thanks, Mom, for investing in laminating my teeth when I was old enough.)

Basically, I put these molds on at night with a little bit of the teeth whitening substance, and keep that on overnight. Next morning, I take ’em off, brush, and go ahead with life. Doing this two weeks in a row will result in noticeably whiter teeth. Isn’t that awesome? I LOVE IT!

So here’s the plan: I take one photo daily, using my iSight, before I go to bed, for the next two weeks. (That way the lighting stays constant.) We should notice changes soon, right? Here’s hoping! :)


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