10 Things You Can Do When Sick

I’m at home feeling all blah. I fell sick with cough and colds early Monday morning, and aggravated that by doing a bunch of errands. By the time I got home, I was about ready to collapse. I haven’t slept well in three days, and I don’t see myself recovering from this today, so the odds that I’ll be stuck at home tomorrow to recover are quite large.

While resting, I discovered at least ten things we can do to relieve the boredom:

1. Catch up on unwatched DVDs. I watched BBC: Egypt. I bought this two-DVD, five-episode special on sale from AstroVision, and it was terrific. I like mummies (remember?), so this was good.

2. Catch up on unread blogs. Finally cleaned out my RSS feed. Ah, good way to start the new year.

3. Sleep. If you can get it. I dozed off a bit during BBC: Egypt, but was awake for the most part because it’s such an arresting show.

4. Eat. Starve a fever, feed a cold… or is it starve a cold, feed a fever? Well, regardless, no one was starved today. I overdosed on chicken noodle soup.

5. Catch up on your reading. Still going through Listening Prayer by Mary Ruth Swope, and while it’s a very good book, so far, it has proven very useful for item #3.

6. Work. You shouldn’t, and several workmates who ended up chatting with me online chastised me for doing so. Say whatever you guys want, you needed my help anyway, so better I do it now than come into work on Thursday swamped.

7. Organize your iTunes. Haven’t quite gotten around to that yet, but I’ll bet I can do it tomorrow. Yay, playlists!

8. Plan out the rest of the week. Let’s see, Prayer and Fasting starts on Friday, so basically, I’m just getting a heads-up on feeling weak and light-headed. Cool.

9. Pray. I know, this shouldn’t be #9. It was #1 for me, honest, it was the first thing I did this morning. Pray God’s Will, Day 5. I swear it.

And finally…

10. Make a blog entry. Tadah.

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