Ganns’ Top 10 – January 2 2010

As of January 2, 2010, these are my top 10 favorite songs.

1. Live Like We’re Dying (1) Kris Allen
[audio:Live Like Were Dying.mp3]
2. Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart (3) Alicia Keys
[audio:Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart.mp3]
3. Back For Good (8) Boyz II Men
[audio:Back For Good.mp3]
4. Haven’t Met You Yet (4) Michael Buble
[audio:Havent Met You Yet.mp3]
5. Vanilla Love (2) Lee Hyun Ji feat SHINee’s Onew
[audio:Vanilla Love.mp3]
6. Jojo (10) SHINee
7. Sorry Sorry Answer (7) Super Junior
[audio:Sorry Sorry Answer.mp3]
8. Do You Remember? (new) Jay Sean feat. Sean Paul & L’il John
[audio:Do You Remember.mp3]
9. Body Language (new) Jesse McCartney feat. T-Pain
[audio:Body Language.mp3]
10. According to You (new) Orianthi
[audio:According to You.mp3]

This is probably the most radio-centric Top 10 in a long time, thanks to an influx of songs that I’ve decided to surf for after reviewing the Billboard Hot 100. I still don’t see myself playing Lady Gaga or Adam Lambert anytime soon, but y’all might want to try listening to that Orianthi track, it’s pretty good. And FYI, Boyz II Men’s Back For Good and Alicia Keys’ Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart are two of the best tracks on radio today, y’all should give ’em a listen.

Update: I’ve popped in all the Top 10 songs save one (SHINee’s Jojo, which, for some reason, my wife burned onto her iTunes in m4a format, which my plugin doesn’t support, boo). Happy listening! (And to the few who know the code to sneak into my audio folder and copy these songs, well, shame on you! Dehins na ang piracy, bagong taon na, hoy.)

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