I am loving music this time of year!

Have you seen what’s out? It’s awesome! I’ve just gone on a crazy irresponsible spending spree for CDs, which, by the way, is something I highly recommend done legally, because there’s a terrific selection out there.

Michael Buble’s Crazy Love is available locally for a little under Php500 for a CD/DVD combo. It’s playing nonstop on my iTunes, especially the tracks Cry Me A River, which channels James Bond with its energetic, mysterious string section, a big-band version of the Eagles’ Heartbreak Tonight, and the carrier single, Haven’t Met You Yet, which isn’t the usual type of carrier that MB has released, but is very pleasant and unusual for radio. It hasn’t hit as greatly as any of Buble’s carrier singles, including the genius Everything which remains my favorite Buble single of all time, but I think Haven’t Met You Yet is a calculated risk. There are enough tracks in Crazy Love to satisfy most Buble afficionados. I, for one, think this is Michael’s most accessible CD to date. There needs to be some element of growth, people, and I think that he’s doing his best to break away from the “standards” and “adult contemporary” feel of the past few CDs. While this CD is still greatly AC in its leanings, I think that Michael’s put enough of a spin in this CD to keep us guessing. Did I mention that Cry Me A River is absolutely awesome? Best remake by Buble yet IMHO, and that includes Kissing A Fool. This is a terrific CD.

Next on my list of recent acquisitions is Susan Boyle’s I Dreamed A Dream. (This is how you know I’ve transitioned out of Top 40 and into the irrelevance of adult contemporary.) Susan’s CD is immaculately produced to a glimmering sheen, which isn’t a bad thing, but also isn’t necessarily a good thing. Her rawness may have made her a star, but it’s her beautiful voice that is still the star of this recording, and it shows. I Dreamed A Dream doesn’t have the same bombastic effect it had when we first heard it on Britain’s Got Talent, but it is still breathtaking in its majestic orchestra arrangement. Cry Me A River – yes, the same song Buble does on his CD – is faithful to the original; You’ll See is a major disappointment, with no build-up and strangely enough, very little passion. (When you prefer a song version done by Madonna, that says a lot.) Boyle’s angelic voice, however, shines brightest on the faith recordings. Her How Great Thou Art and Amazing Grace are two such examples of how Boyle’s faith translates into a lovely recording that can easily find airplay in a Catholic church setting. For me, though, the greatest revelation is Up On the Mountain, which is the closest we’ll get to a non-ballad on this CD. While not altogether a bad CD, I Dreamed A Dream is a bit of a let-down for all the hype.

Music One is also having a crazy sale, selling MCA Universal CDs for Php180 and below. I picked up Janet’s Discipline (in hot anticipation of Number Ones, which I’m buying tonight!), Fergie’s The Duchess, U2’s 18 (the greatest hits collection), Pussycat Dolls’ Dolls Domination, and the OST of Mamma Mia (for wifey and the kids), among others.

I promised myself tonight would be the last CD purchase for 2009. I’m ending it with the proverbial bang! Aside from Janet, I’m picking up the CD I’ve been waiting for all year, Kris Allen’s self-titled debut. A lot of pundits are saying that Kris is gonna tank, but I say that slow and steady wins the race. I can’t wait to get my grubby little fingers on Kris’ CD; I haven’t been this excited for an Idol CD since Jennifer Hudson’s debut, so I hope it’s not a letdown (the reviews show it’s generally good, and the first single, Live Like You’re Dying, is pure radio pop at its most enjoyable and singable. I can’t wait for this CD, and I’m picking it up tonight after dinner with extremely good friend Raft3r (demoted from best friend after I realized the feeling wasn’t mutual LOL). If you wanna meet up, we’ll be in Glorietta.

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