Testify to Love: Get a chance to win Avalon’s “The Greatest Hits”

Happy holidays, everybody! In celebration of House of Praise’s delightful decision to bring in the new CDs of some of my favorite artists, I’m giving away four Christian CDs to four lucky – separate – winners this December!

Taking a page from my good pal Raft3r, each contest is named after a hit song of the artist whose CD is at stake for that particular week. From November 23 to 29, the CD at stake is a brand-new copy of Avalon’s The Greatest Hits.

About Avalon’s The Greatest Hits: “Over the course of their career, Avalon has established themselves as the premier vocal group in Christian Music having multiple Gold records, many Dove Awards, and countless tours across the country with the purpose to bring the Gospel message and see lives changed. The new album Avalon: The Greatest Hits showcases songs that have been the soundtrack to their career thus far, songs that have seen massive airplay at Christian radio, and songs that have impacted the world. Avalon: The Greatest Hits is a well-crafted work of 16 songs, featuring a brand new and soon to be fan favorite “Still My God.” (Description lifted off Amazon.com)


1. Write an entry on your blog (or a note on your Facebook account, if y’all don’t have a blog), telling me a particular story of how someone showed you s/he loved you, and how you felt after receiving her/his offering of love. I leave it to you to decide what kind of love to talk about, e.g., romantic, platonic, familial, etc., as well as how you’d like to tell it. Link your blog entry to this particular blog entry (e.g., “This is my entry to Ganns’ “Testify to Love” CD giveaway.”)

2. After you’ve made your entry, please leave a message in the Comments section of this particular blog entry linking to your blog entry so I can go visit it.

3. The author of the story with which I connect the most wins the CD; the announcement of the winner will be made sometime on November 30, 2009.

4.  All entries must be received at or before 11:59pm (Philippine time) of November 29, 2009.

5. The winner must either be willing to meet up with me or pay for shipping costs to their chosen shipping destination.

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