My must-reads for November

In a nutshell: I’ve identified four books that I’ll be reading this month: two Christian ones, one sci-fi fantasy, and one fitness.

This month, I’m digging into the following books:

Intimacy With God: The Spiritual Worship of the Believer. Bishop T.D. Jakes is one of America’s most respect pastors. A celebrated author and public speaker, Jakes penned Intimacy With God: The Spiritual Worship of the Believer almost ten years ago as an answer to the misconception that intimacy with God begins and ends with the worship service one attends on weekends. As Victory Fort Bonifacio, the church in the Philippines for which I work, begins its new series, Beyond Sunday, I think this book is more than appropriate.

The Worship Leader’s Handbook: Practical Answers to Tough Questions. Tom Kraueter has written a dozen books on worship; the man knows what he’s talking about. What I like about this book is its easy “question-and-answer” format, which makes it convenient for quick reference. I also like its tone, which makes for easy reading.

Obviously, I’m reading worship books in preparation for my new season, even though I don’t quite know when I will start, exactly, at the church in Greenhills that I will be joining. I’m balancing this all out, though, with some other less heady books. I revisited Body for Life by Bill Phillips, the program of which I’ve recently restarted, and next on my list is Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend. (I still can’t believe this book is 55 years old!)

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