Chynna Phillips and Avalon made today awesome!

Chynna & Vaughan - One ReasonI was 13 years old when I first heard the strains of a track called Hold On. It was the debut single of a group called Wilson Phillips, and the song began a love affair with the music of three women named Carnie, Chynna, and Wendy. 19 years later (WOW!), Chynna has come into a relationship with the God Who I worship, and released a new CD with her songwriting partner Vaughan Penn. The debut single, One Reason, had topped my charts for several weeks, and now, the CD I ordered through my dear colleague Crickette has arrived. WOOT! Chynna and Vaughan!

As if that weren’t awesome enough, my favorite Contemporary Christian group of all time, Avalon, released their new studio CD, Reborn, through E1 Entertainment, and the CD is terrific! I also received my copy of Reborn today through Crickette, and I tell you, it’s a happy musical day in the Deen household! (Okay, maybe not the entire Deen household, but Daddy Deen is pleased as punch.)

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