What do you think of “You Move Me”?

I really like dance music, despite the fact that I can’t dance at all. *sob* Growing up in the 90s, I really, really liked the kind of club music that was coming out, stuff from C&C Music Factory, Cece Peniston, Crystal Waters, Martha Wash. DJ remixes were enough reason for me to buy CD singles; if an artist had Junior Vasquez working on it, it was almost a guarantee that I would buy the CD single. I never actually went to a club (disco, as we called them back then), but I had a LOT of dance music. Now that I’m Christian, I’ve toyed with the idea of making Christian dance music. I don’t quite have my finger on the pulse of popular music, but I do appreciate a good singable melody and a great lyric that sticks to your brain – marks of a great song, regardless of genre.

You Move Me SingleMy first foray into “dance” was with my “remix” of “Set Apart.” (You can listen to that one here). Of course, I didn’t have access to the right equipment (still don’t, but GarageBand is terrific), and so while it wasn’t so bad, it was certainly quite raw. I’m working on a new track called “You Move Me,” something that I originally envisioned with a Kpop sound, but somehow it metamorphosed into this strange club/hiphop amalgam. I don’t quite know where it is; is it Usher? Janet? Something uniquely me? Vocally, I still believe I’m crap – and believe me, I’m not fishing for compliments here – but the joy is in the songwriting. I hope if it’s worth pursuing, I can complete it and maybe hand it over to a Filipino Christian singer to include in her/his next CD.

To listen to You Move Me, please visit my MySpace or click on the Play button below.

[audio:http://www.gannsdeen.com/audio2/You Move Me – Preview.mp3]

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