Taylor Swift will get the last laugh

So Kanye West decides to rain on Taylor Swift’s parade with an ill-timed, ill-thought-of promotion of Beyonce’s video at the 2009 VMA Awards. The madness is recorded here:


I feel badly for Taylor Swift, I really do, but you know what? Fearless is one of the bestselling albums of the year – the best, if you don’t count Michael Jackson’s catalog, sales of which skyrocketed after his death – and she’s notched six Top 10 hits. It must’ve been absolutely awful for Taylor to go through that, but keep your head up high, sweetie, because you’re a positive role model, you’re beautiful, and you’re talented. You have a long, storied career ahead of you.

I hope my daughter grows up to share your talent and values. You’re a diamond, Taylor. Don’t let Kanye get you down.

(And Beyonce, girl, you’d better speak up, because Kanye used you! He soiled your night and reputation; distance yourself from the man! you are a class act!! Here’s a video of Beyonce calling Taylor Swift up onstage and giving her the moment she deserves.)


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