Revisiting “Incomparable”

Today being one of my two days off, I found an hour to sit at the piano in my mother-in-law’s house to play some songs and worship by myself. My MIL is out of the house, attending a friend’s husband’s wake, and my family is in the other house (Nathan on the laptop, Nicki about to sleep, Cathy making dinner), so I appreciated the downtime and the opportunity to just sit down and play.

I started out with Avalon’s Abundantly (off their stellar The Creed CD, Reborn is releasing in three days!), then moved on to free worship when I suddenly remembered the words…

Who compares to Your beauty
Is there someone more magnificent than You?

I knew these words were original, but I couldn’t recall the title of the song, so I continued to sing it; when I got to the chorus, it hit me: Incomparable! One of the demo songs I uploaded onto my MySpace! When I recorded Incomparable, it was really very raw, and when it was featured on one of my friends’ podcasts, he pronounced it “in-COMP-ruh-ble,” not how I pronounced it “in-com-PA-ruh-BLE.” Of course, my pronunciation was wrong! Argh! The thematic focus of the song is skewed: it sings of His attributes, but the chorus focuses on His love, which, of course, doesn’t quite work.

Ah, the joy of hindsight! *bops self on the head*

I’m going revisit Incomparable. I still think the chorus’ melody has a lot of promise, so I’ll work on new lyrics. Not quite sure whether to focus on God’s love or the attribute of His greatness. It may still be weeks before I transfer to the church in Greenhills where I’ll be working, but that doesn’t mean I can’t hit the ground running with new originals. (I do it for the church in the Philippines that I currently work for, anyway.)

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