Should I grow out this goatee?

As many of my friends know, my wife, Cathy, is fascinated by most things Korean.From the heart-stopping drama of Boys Over Flowers to the delicious yet healthy culinary yuk gae jung, Korea and its imports hold a special place in my wife’s heart.

In an attempt to get in on some of that action, a few weeks ago, I had my hair cut at Tony & Jackey’s, the renowned Korean hairstyling chain. I visited their Retiro branch, and was quite happy with the end result produced by (the very attractive hairstylist) Tiffany, as you can see here.

Since then, though, I let my hair grow longer, with every intention of growing it to longer lengths so Tiffany (or whoever gets sent my way) can work some even more interesting wonders with it. It’s all bushy on the sides, and is getting a little mullet-y at the back, but I gotta suck it up until it gets long enough that we can really do something crazy with it. (Maybe it’ll be ready by the time I’m ready to join my church in Greenhills, *roll eyes*)

Meanwhile, I’ve never been a goatee guy, but I decided not to shave for a while. Now I’ve got three weeks worth of peach fuzz on my upper lip and chin. Cathy thinks it looks absolutely ridiculous, and I’m inclined to agree, if only for my desperate desire to grow a goatee and look like Eric Mun. (Instead, I look like Mr. Shaolin.) However, it’s still a different look, and might be worth pursuing.

I’d like to get your thoughts. Please click through to see a snapshot of me with my poor excuse for facial hair, and tell me if you think I should still try to grow it out, or just shave it and be the clean-cut Christian that I’ve always been.

Photo 83

Click image to see larger image.

Update: So it’s 2014, and my goatee is out in full force. :D
Photo on 4-8-14 at 5.57 PM

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