Ganns’ Top 10 – August 1, 2009

As of August 1, 2009, these are my ten favorite songs.
1. No Other Name (new) Freddy Rodriguez & Champions Live
2. Nobody (new) Wonder Girls
3. Give Me the Meltdown (1) Rob Thomas
4. When Love Takes Over (2) David Guetta feat Kelly Rowland
5. The Lost Get Found (3) Britt Nicole
6. S.O.S. (10) Jordin Sparks
7. Falling For You (4) Colbie Caillat
8. Giving Myself (6) Jennifer Hudson
9. No Surprise (8) Daughtry
10. Battlefield (5) Jordin Sparks

I bought No Other Name off, a website that allows me to purchase mp3s legally via PayPal – yeah, iTunes &, take that! I ain’t giving this mp3 to nobody, nobody, butchoo… I’ve been listening to it virtually nonstop, save for my drives to and from work, where I’m now learning Mandarin Chinese! Ni hao… ni hao ma… wo hun hao… tsai tsien!

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