Why do I always dream of this?

Last night, I had another strange dream. It involved myself crossing a series of orange pipes. (Think Mario Brothers-type pipes.) The initial challenges were obviously quite easy, but one particular orange pipe challenge was submerged a couple of feet underwater in an artificial lake-type environment in which large fish were swimming.

The odd thing about this particular lake was that I’d dreamed about it twice before (on different nights, and months apart). The first time was I had dreamed of myself boating in a wide-open body of water, and I’d somehow ended up in this place. The second time, I dreamed that I was in a large building that was full of several smaller lake-type bodies of water like it.

Before I continue, y’all should know that I can’t swim.

In the first dream, I was merely looking into the clear water, where there were these huge fishes swimming. I could see them; I could’ve reached out and touched them, if I wanted to. I didn’t, though. One particular fish was extremely huge – probably a whale shark or something – that absolutely awed me because of its size. All the fish were swimming lazily about, and I continued to boat ride until I arrived at shore.

In the second dream, I had fallen into the water. I was terrified of drowning, but more importantly, I was extremely horrified by the possibility that I would be attacked by any of the giant fish swimming in this place. However, instead of being eaten alive, some of the fish actually tried to push me back onto dry land. I awoke before I actually managed to make it onto safe ground.

In this most recent dream, I had to cross that orange pipe that was submerged about a foot and a half into the water. The water was still and calm – as it was in all three dreams, and the fish weren’t causing any scenes – but I still did not want to get into the water for fear that I would slip and fall into the deep water. Unlike the two previous dreams, however, the water seemed a lot darker than usual, and I couldn’t see many of the fish. It seemed a more mysterious and frightening place, and I did not want to accept the orange pipe challenge.

I felt I needed to pee, so I excused myself from the competition and headed towards the men’s room. As I entered, it looked more like a locker room than a restroom, and I was surrounded by all these Asiane athletes in various stages of undress, including sports uniforms of basketball and baseball. (None were naked, thankfully.) I couldn’t pee because I was afraid all these men around me would peek in at my junk.

Then I awoke, with a real need to pee. I asked God afterward what it meant and He hasn’t answered yet. Meanwhile, I’m not visiting Ocean Park Manila anytime soon.

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