Indoor plants for folks who can’t take care of plants

Miura plantsI just arrived home from SM North EDSA’s Annex (where we shopped at the SaveMore Supermarket there; to say I was disappointed with the quality of the merchandise would be putting it lightly. Terrible produce section!). After doing our groceries, Cathy, Nathan, and I decided to eat at the local White Hat frozen yogurt store before doing a bit of light window shopping.

One of the kiosks on the third level of The Annex caught my eye immediately. There was an inviting display of all kinds of miniature potted plants. I love plants, so Nathan and I took a look at the selection. More than two dozen types of plants were available in small pots, each type attractive in its own unique way. The name of the stall was Miura Hydroculture Plants, and it specializes in growing and selling indoor plants that require little watering and indirect sunlight. In other words, plants for people who can’t take care of plants!

According to the Miura literature, Miura is one of the most successful garden centers in Japan, thanks to its hydroculture technology. Miura plants should not be exposed to direct sunlight, and are best kept in bright indirect light. Little watering is needed – once or twice a week tops, with a quarter of the water in the pot considered the maximum amount – and apparently, fertilizer is also not required.

One of Cathy’s colleagues has a Miura plant in her office, and she – Cathy, not the colleague – says it has helped her – the colleague, not Cathy – deal with the rigors of work life. I can understand why: plants have been proven to reduce negative energy (I suppose the oxygen replenishment provided by the plant has something to do with it), stress, and tension.

Cathy and I therefore decided to get one plant each. I bought a large dracaena sanderiana (PHP150) while Cathy bought a small sansaeveria bacularis (PHP130). Of course, dracaena sanderiana is a terrible name for a plant, so I’ve named her Natalie. (That name came to me in a dream I had earlier today; I dreamed Cathy gave birth to our third child, a little girl we named Natalie Joan.) Each of Natalie’s leaves has a dark green center with a lighter green lining the edge of the leaf. It’s classic. Tomorrow, I’ll bring her to the office; I’m sure she’ll help brighten up the place.

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