The government will doom us with nuclear power unless we move today!

Chernobyl effects 16 years laterHere’s something everyone should know. There are attempts right now ongoing at the Philippine Congress to revive the mothballed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. This is an absolute outrage for the Filipino people! The BNPP is outdated and outsafe, and is not the climate change solution and secure energy provider that its backers claim it is.

One will notice that many of the nations currently using nuclear power are First- or Second-World nations, including France and the United States. Recall, however, what happened with Chernobyl years ago. An explosion at the nuclear power plant rocked the USSR literally and figuratively, as radiation emissions from the power plant continue to haunt the people who live in the area, 20, 30 years later. The following video graphically illustrates this point.

As you can see, nuclear power is dangerous! The cycle of securing and using radioactive uranium fuel is extremely dangerous! If we as a nation cannot even react when typhoons batter our provinces, how are we expected to react in the face of a large-scale nuclear explosion? No, it is extremely dangerous! Thinking of what may happen when we dump all that radioactive waste into our seas and islands… NO! NO! NO!

We are not even counting the cost of building, operating, and maintaining the power plants. We aren’t even considering the carbon emissions guaranteed to come out of these places! What we need is a renewable energy source, backed by a solid legal imperative, that will enable us to create a sustainable energy solution that does not rely on radioactivity and toxicity!

Greenpeace provides a very comprehensive argument here on why nuclear energy is not a solution. Even without reading the article, we know that renewable energy is a no-brainer solution for the Philippines, rich as it is with natural resources. Renewable energy provides us a solid backbone for environmental congruence, long-term benefits, and safety for the workers using it.

We need to send a clear message to Malacanan and the Philippine Congress that the Filipino people will not stand for nuclear power. Click here to sign a petition in ten seconds or less. Say no to nukes!

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