‘Fated to Love You’ hooks the Deens

Fated to Love YouThe other day, my wife’s friend, Sally, gifted lent her a DVD of this Taiwanese dramedy called Fated to Love You. In a nutshell, it’s about this ordinary simpleton girl with a heart of gold who has one night of confused sex with the brooding heir of this huge Taiwanese company. She gets pregnant, and has to marry him because her child will be the next-in-line. Meanwhile, the heir treats this girl like dirt, but – as we can see – he starts to fall in love with her.

That’s the simple side of it. We’re only in Episode 8.

The funny thing about Fated to Love You is that it seems to have sucked virtually the entire household into its web! It started out with Cathy, who started watching it on my Mac (because our DVD remote is broken). (I was downstairs making dinner. Role reversal ba? LOL) Later, she brought down the computer, and I got into it. The funniest thing, though: my five-year-old Nathan comes down to ask about his Restaurant City game, and he gets curious about the show, and ends up watching it with us! (He tries to follow the Chinese, because he’s learning it in school.)

It’s funny, actually. I like the grandma very much! Grandma Ji is so funny, and I see so much of my grandmother in her. (Do all grandparents graduate with a degree in Reverse Psychology, minor in Emotional Blackmail?) I also see a lot of the Chinese family dynamic in the show, and it’s very interesting, because, while it doesn’t mirror our family dynamic, it really does speak a lot about how country’s culture and views on social standing can affect family and romantic relationships.

This is probably the closest I’ve ever gotten to following a soap opera. I dislike getting hooked because if I invest in a show and it gets cancelled (Wasteland and Jack and Jill come to mind), it haunts me for days. It took me two years to get over Friends. Luckily, I know that Fated to Love You is over, so I’m prepared to invest in this one. I wonder how long it’ll take for us to finish the series. Cathy started watching it at 3:00pm, I think, and we turned it off at 9:00pm. Hooked much?

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