Green store opens at Market! Market!

EcomarketAs a Filipino environmentalist, I am very happy that one-stop environment-friendly shop EcoMarket has opened its doors to the public with a cozy nook at Market! Market! Their new home is located underneath an escalator in between Jollibee and McDonald’s, directly in front of Mercury Drugstore. (It’s terrific location!)

Among the brands that Eco-Market carries are:

  • Messy Bessy. Messy Bessy offers earth-friendly household cleaning products. Non-toxic and biodegradable, Messy Bessy’s all-purpose cleaners, specialty cleaners, disinfectants, deodorizers, kitchen cleaners, and infant sanitation products are Filipino-made and affordably priced.
  • Planet Noah. With a wide range of organic personal products, and an affordable Oasis Baby Care line, Planet Noah is one resource that I strongly encourage you to support.
  • Indigo Baby. Fashionable motherhood and baby care products are stylish, earth-friendly, and made with love.
  • Leyende. Leyende sells hand-made skin care and bath and body products made from fresh, natural and organic ingredients. Its anti-mass production philosophy ensures all products are sold in limited batches. Most are plant-based and family tested.
  • BotanyWorks. Affordable aromatherapy and herbal therapy products. Topnotch essential oils and several make-your-own recipes also available on their website.
  • Wild Organics. Wild Organics offers body therapy products that use only the best organic ingredients. They share only what they want to use on their own bodies. No compromise.
  • All Organics. All Organics offers natural handmade soap, using organic ingredients with no petroleum-based or paraben ingredients. All items were not tested on animals. Totally environment- and skin-friendly.
  • Victoria Herbal Soap Granules. This Filipino-made laundry detergent is 100% natural and biodegradable, , has no skin irritants, and is safe for the environment. You can actually use the leftover water for your plants, WOOT.
  • Plantex. An all-in-one plant extract concentrate that is 100% biodegradable, is nonflammable, contains no harmful chemicals, and is harmless to humans, animals, plants, marine life, and soil. It is an organic disinfectant, deodorizer, compost activator, and cleanser. It’s BFAD-approved.

The Filipino green scene is still relatively young, and all of the brands carried by EcoMarket are hand-made by Filipino entrepreneurs. (They probably all know each other; that’s how close they are.) Some will deliver to your homes, and you can buy directly from EcoMarket. You can also shop online at their respective Multiply stores, or you can even buy online from PinoyBaby using PayPal.

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