‘Redeem The Airwaves’ registration now ongoing

Redeem the AirwavesRedeem the Airwaves now has its registration ongoing. I strongly encourage you to consider attending this Christian media conference.

Now on its fourth year, Redeem the Airwaves is a media conference that helps Christians and their communities tap traditional and nontraditional media in all its forms for the glory of Jesus Christ and the advancement of His kingdom. If your goal or that of your ministry or congregation is to honor God and make disciples and use new media to help bring you there, Redeem the Airwaves is absolutely essential. You can visit their official website here to register or signify your intention to register.

I’ll be attending both as speaker and to learn and network for the Philippine church for which I work. I’ll be speaking on tapping social media marketing to communicate for your church. It can be very good for your ministry and/or evangelical purposes.

(While you’re at it, if you’re a Filipino, a Christian, and have a blog, submit your blog to my Filipino Christian Blog directory. We’re more than 50 already, so sali na!)

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