New Christian Radio Singles – April 20 2009

Here are five new Contemporary Christian singles rising up the charts:

Brian Bates, You Danced. The first time I listened to You Dance, I didn’t like it too much. Then I listened to it again this morning, and my eyes were opened. Sometimes all we need is to watch other believers worship.
[audio:You Danced.mp3]

Bluetree, Each Day. This driving worship song works for me because of its 1) memorable chorus; 2) worshipful lyrics; and 3) passionate delivery. That’s pretty much all you need to make a hit!
[audio:Each Day.mp3]

Group 1 Crew, Movin. I first heard of Group 1 Crew thanks to Mandisa, who features female rapper Blanca on a track from Freedom. Thanks to the strength of Movin, color me impressed.

Travis Cottrell, Jesus Saves. Despite its coming from a Christmas album, Jesus Saves is a worshipful track that is picking up airplay only now at Soft AC/Inspo stations. Cottrell, who is also associated with Mandisa’s BFF Beth Moore, issues a masterful delivery.
[audio:Jesus Saves.mp3]

The Afters, Oceans Wide. I really think Ocean Wide is The Afters’ most accessible radio single to date. Great guitar work notwithstanding, what makes this song work is the effortless way it’s sung and the refreshing take on God’s love.
[audio:Ocean Wide.mp3]

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