It’s hard to get personal, but…

I recently reviewed some of my blog posts from years back, and I realize something.

Lately, my blog hasn’t been very personal.

I’ve found in the past that opening up on my blog was relatively easy because most of my friends checked in on the blog to see how I was and what I was up to. As I moved towards what I thought was a greater goal – making new Christian music available to the people – I discovered that I don’t really have regulars. My friends don’t visit because it’s not about Ganns Deen.

Isn’t that sad?

Well, I promise to try to make my blog more personal without necessarily losing sight of what I set out to do, which is still send Christian music out there. I hope that as I do so, those among you who visit regularly will make yourselves known so I can also add you to my RSS feeds and we can start up our online relationships again. I miss you guys.

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