Sponsor my run & help cancer patients

Do you believe I can do it?

On October 18, I will participate in my first fun run, the 8km Run Against Pain at the Quirino Grandstand along Roxas Boulevard. This fun run supports the Pain Society of the Philippines as part of initiatives for the Global Day Against Cancer Pain. It has been a dream of mine to participate in a fun run or race; this marks the fulfillment of that dream.

I’m preparing for this race by running three times a week for the next three weeks. At 96 kilos, I’m definitely not in fighting shape for top prizes; the goal is to actually finish the race. I still have a little more than three weeks to prepare and bring myself to a fighting 91 kilos (200 lbs), which will make finishing the run more realistic. It’s been a little over three months since I redefined my fitness goals by giving up soda and most junk food; I started the Body For Life program as part of the plan around three weeks ago. Total weight loss since June 4: 10 kilos (22 lbs).

I invite you, my friends and family, to help motivate me for this fun run by putting a little of your time, money, or heart into Race Against Pain. I offer you three options:

  • Run with me! Registration is at ANTA along Bonifacio High Street at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. Registration is PHP250.00, but it’s waived if you purchase anything there worth a minimum of PHP1,000.00. Full information is available here. We can meet up, run together, then fellowship afterwards! What fun!
  • Pledge a donation to the Pain Society of the Philippines through my run. The target goal is eight kilometers. Pledge any amount of money, say, for example, PHP50 per kilometer, to the Pain Society of the Philippines, in your name. If I complete the entire eight kilometers, you pledge PHP400 to help the Pain Society of the Philippines help alleviate the suffering of cancer patients throughout the country. I can’t imagine any greater motivation for me to finish this fun run than to help you help Filipino cancer patients through the local chapter of the Pain Society. (Please private message or email me if you’re interested in sponsoring my run so I can contact you for the details.)
  • Pray for the success of the event. Run Against Pain is a fun run for a very good cause. If you can’t join me or pledge, please do include this race in your prayers. I lost my half-brother to cancer, and any event that works to help make cancer a thing of the past, or help people today who are suffering from cancer, is a very, very good event.

This is going to be legen… wait for it!… dary! LEGENDARY! I want to finish a fun run and finish it for the first time in my life. Please help me make this a reality. God bless you!

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