Three fragrance oils I’d recommend

My wife and I have a fragrance oil burner in our bedroom. We find that the scents seem to last longer than aerosol fragrances, and purchasing these oils protects the environment longer.

We have three fragrances that we use often. If you’d like to explore getting an oil burner, these are three quality oils you can use.

1. Spa Essentials Energy. This essential oil is a refreshing, revitalizing oil that smells of lemons and spice. It’s great for the mornings and after coming home from work if we need that extra boost.

2. Zen Zest Lavender or Eucalyptus. Cathy’s favorite room fragrance scent, Zen Zest Lavender is relaxing and sensual. It’s our most frequently used scent, because Cathy usually gets her way. *grin* The Eucalyptus fragrance,

3. The Body Shop Rich Plum. I bought this for the holidays last year. It’s a nice, rich, Christmassy scent that just warms the heart. I totally love it.

Do you have a fragrance oil burner? What are your scents?

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