Back to basics

As if glue were all it took, right?

How many blogs do you maintain?

I’ve been a blogger since 1999. I started one blog back then. Today, I maintain almost 12.

It’s hard to maintain quality when you have that many blogs. It’s just too complicated.

Time to settle things down and simplify things. I’ve watered down my online – and offline – relationships with all this hullabahoo. It’s time to fix up my blog life, glue things shut, and put an end to the madness.

Two blogs: and Hyundai Getz Philippines: Life With Gina. Everything that I wish to blog about should ideally fall under these two.

If you’re a blog buddy, holler in my Comments box so I can start fresh and add you to a set of new links on the right sidebar.

I’m taking it back to basics, and it’s going to be so much easier. Please join me on this simpler, easier, more interesting ride.

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