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Steven Curtis Chapman is so inspiring. After the death of his five-year-old daughter, he bounces back with the second single, Yours, from his album This Moment. The first single, Cinderella, spoke of what was like to enjoy the presence of a daughter while she is young. After the tragic postscript of Maria’s death, Steven releases Yours, reminding us that everything is God’s and He remains sovereign, even in the midst of loss and death. Wow.

Psalm 24:1 tells us “The earth is the LORD’S, and all it contains, the world, and those who dwell in it.” This, as well as Psalm 89:11 (“The heavens are Yours, the earth also is Yours; The world and all it contains, You have founded them.”) is a constant reminder that God the Creator reigns sovereign over the works of His hand and love. How can you not appreciate a song based on these verses?

Yours is an absolutely beautiful song. I can’t even begin to explain to you how beautiful it is. You can sing along with it, especially with its coda – It’s all Yours, God – over and over, and just bask in His presence. I’m fighting back tears even as I type this; that’s how affected I am by the power of God and the power of this song. Yours deserves to be on your iPods and sung in your churches (maybe not as worship, but you certainly can use it for a special number).

Another reason why I like Yours is because Jonas Myrin co-wrote Yours. I think Jonas Myrin is absolutely brilliant, and he is one of the most anointed Christian songwriters in the world today. You can see it with the melodic flow of Yours, easily memorable and anthemic in its treatment. Woot, Jonas!

And Steven Curtis Chapman mentions Manila! Thank you, Steven! Woot, Philippines!

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YOURS Lyrics
Steven Curtis Chapman

I walk the streets of London
And notice in the faces passing by
Something that makes me stop and listen
My heart grows heavy with the cry
Where is the hope for London?
You whisper and my heart begins to soar
As I’m reminded every street in London is Yours

I walk the dirt roads of Uganda
I see the scars that war has left behind
Hope like the sun is fading
And they’re waiting for a cure no one can find
And I hear children’s voices singing
Of a God who heals and rescues and restores
And I’m reminded that every child in Africa
is Yours

And it’s all Yours God, Yours God,
everything is Yours
From the stars in the sky to the depths of the
ocean floor
And it’s all Yours God, Yours God,
everything is Yours
You’re the maker and keeper,
Father and ruler of everything
It’s all Yours

And I walk the sidewalks of Nashville
Like Singapore, Manila, and Shanghai
I’m brushed by the beggar’s hand and the wealthy man
And everywhere I look I realize
That just like the streets of London
For every man and woman, boy and girl
All of creation, this is our Father’s world

It’s all Yours, God
The glory is Yours, God
All the honor is Yours, God

The power is Yours, God
The glory is Yours, God
You’re the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
And it’s all Yours God, Yours God,
everything is Yours
All the greatness and power, and glory, and
splendor, and majesty
Everything is Yours
It’s all Yours
We are Yours
The glory and honor is Yours,
everything is Yours

It’s all Yours God
My life is Yours, my heart is Yours
My hands and my feet are Yours
Every song that I sing
It’s all Yours, all is Yours
All belongs to You
Our gifts are Yours, God
All our dreams are Yours, God
All our plans are Yours, God
This whole earth is Yours, God
Everything is Yours

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