Just bought Veggie Tales, Vanessa Williams, & Mandisa CDs

I’m so happy! I used the US$25 Amazon gift certificate I won from Toni’s birthday contest to buy four CDs. That’s one for each of us in the family.

The first CD I bought – for Nicki – was Veggie Tales’ Bob & Larry’s Sunday Morning Songs. We had a cassette copy of this album back in the day, but I can’t find it, and even if I could, I’d have to have it converted to CD, which would cost me a minimum of PHP350, without the CD booklet and everything… it just made more sense to buy it from Amazon (despite its being almost US$2 cheaper on MusiChristian.com, which won’t let me buy these CDs thanks to EMI; thanks a lot, EMI!). This album is a real keeper, with more than 15 Sunday morning songs that Nathan already enjoys, including Give Me Oil in My Lamp and I’ve Got the Joy Down in My Heart. I’m sure Nicki will enjoy it just as much.

The second CD, this one for Nathan, is also a Veggie Tales album: Veggie Tales: On the Road With Bob & Larry. This looks like a great CD: 15 tracks of songs one can sing along with while driving in the car! I confess I’m not too familiar with the songs – just one, actually, The Surrey With the Fringe on Top – but the reviews were great and I want some sing-along music with Nathan there. Also, there are backing tracks so we can sing without Bob and Larry. He he he.

The third CD is for Cathy: Vanessa Williams’ The Sweetest Days. This is one of her favorite albums, and she only has a copy, cassette pa. It contains The Sweetest Days and Constantly, one of her favorite songs of all time.

Finally, I wanted to reward myself as well, so tadah, early Christmas present: Mandisa’s Christmas Joy EP! Hahaha, I’ve wanted this since last year! (Her new album, Freedom, is being recorded right now, and word has it she’s recording a new Christmas CD; yeah, girl, you go and be the Kimberley Locke of gospel! Make Christmas singles every year!) Total cost of CD haul: a little less than US$30. So I spend only US$5 extra (because the entire purchase qualified for free shipping! Whee!

Special thanks to Toni again for the wonderful gift and to my best friend Raft3r, to whom I’m shipping these CDs in the US and who will be coming home with them. Now there’s even more reason to celebrate my best bud’s return!

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