My 700 Club and ‘Superbook’ experience

Late last week, I visited the 700 Club studios along H.V. De La Costa Street in Makati to do a brief interview on the topic of Superbook. I’m sure many of you have fond memories of Chris, Joy, Gizmo, and Ruffles entertaining and gently evangelizing to us back in the 80s; I certainly have!

Anyway, it was an interview that was short and sweet. I talked about the influence Superbook had in my faithwalk, how it influenced my decisions as I grew older, and how it eventually played some kind of role in where I am today and the many communications materials I generate for Joey Bonifacio and the Makati church in which I serve.

Unfortunately, I think this interview won’t air locally, as Celeste Endriga, the ever-accommodating, wonderfully funny, and tremendously insightful producer who conducted the interview, tells me it’s intended for an American audience. I hope I can get to see the rough cut though, para makita ko naman ang aking American television debut. Hahahaha!

It was quite an experience, and I praise God for it. Who would’ve thunk I would eventually make an appearance on a show I grew up on, talking about another show I grew up on? Wow, God, You really do rock my world.

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