Jack ‘N Jill Pic-A rocks my world!

Jack ‘N Jill Pic-A first entered my world two Thursdays ago, May 30. My officemate Teri and I did a snack run at Market! Market!, and I recall it surprised me to find a Jack ‘N Jill snack that was so large. It is large. 180 grams of pure snacky goodness! I tried it and was instantly hooked.

What I love about Jack ‘N Jill Pic-A is that it’s a delicious combination of three terrific Jack ‘N Jill snacks: Nova (our local version of Frito-Lay’s Sun Chips), Tostillas (Doritos), and Piattos, which has no international equivalent. It’s like Frito-Lay’s Munchies, which has Sun Chips, Doritos, and Rold Gold pretzels, which is fine because me no likey pretzels. There are two variations of Jack ‘N Jill Pic-A: BBQ Overload, which is the one I tried, and Ultimate Cheddar.

Unfortunately, since that Thursday, I had not been able to find another bag of Pic-A. Market! Market!, SM Hypermarket, Mercury Drug, Rustan’s, nothing. It had been almost two weeks! Then, this morning, at 2AM, during an early morning snack run with Cathy – McDonald’s Shake! Shake! french fries, Chicken Nuggets, and a double cheeseburger – I found it at 7-11 Banawe!

Jack N’ Jill Pic-A retails for PHP34.75 at Market! Market!, but I bought it at 7-11 for PHP44.00. Well worth my money. I LOVE IT.

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