Ganns’ Giveaways: “Beyond Jabez” AudioBook CD

I’m introducing a new feature to that will hopefully allow me to bless you twice over. The concept is simple: every week, I give away something that hopefully will bless you, preferably in your prayer life or relationship with God. As you join, it will enable me to get to know you better and cover you in prayer. How simple is that?

This week, I’m giving away a Beyond Jabez: Expanding Your Borders Audiobook CD by Bruce Wilkinson to one special blogger.

Beyond Jabez follows up on spiritual phenomenon Bruce Wilkinson’s breakthrough teaching in The Prayer of Jabez. It captivated millions and continues to lead to changed lives around the world. This follow-up message discusses in greater detail the specific steps to take in making this scriptural passage part of your prayer life. For each of the prayer’s four sections, Wilkinson explains important biblical distinctions, answers misconceptions about the prayer, offers practical steps to praying the prayer, and shows potential results in readers’ lives. New content, exciting Jabez inspired stories, and enriched commentary from Dr. Wilkinson make this a must-have for anyone who wants to live a world-changing life for God.”

To qualify for the contest, just make a blog entry in your own blog naming one thing you’re praying for that God will grant you before the end of 2008. After you’ve placed your blog post online, add a comment to this post leading me to your blog entry. While I will select a winning entry to win the Beyond Jabez Audiobook CD, I will include each of your prayer requests – assuming I agree with it, of course, I won’t pray for stuff that isn’t Biblical, d-uh – in my own prayer time, so there will be at least two people praying for your prayer request: you and me!

Deadline for blog posts is Wednesday, June 4, 2008, 11:59PM (Philippine time).

Update! Find out who won!

Thanks to Wendy, Ryza, and Joey for joining the contest. Since we only have three entrants this week, I’ve decided to give you all a prize! Yehey!

For writing about her faith in God and believing He will grant her courage to spread the gospel and truly live out the prayer of Jabez, the Jabez audiobook goes to Wendy!

For writing about her desire to have children, and her belief that God will one day bless her with it, Ryza wins for herself a copy of former American Idol finalist and now gospel singer George Huff’s Miracles CD, because she will one day have that little miracle in her arms, in Jesus’ Name.

For writing about a missionary captured by authorities in dangerous Iran, Joey wins for himself a mini-journal from Karton, which he can use to scribble Bible study notes or whatnot. It’s a wonderful notebook-type thing made from recycled paper, I personally love these notebooks.

Of course, I continue to keep all your prayer requests in my prayers until their fulfillment according to God’s plans for you and those people for whom you’re praying.

Please get in touch with me and let me know how I can send the prizes to you. :) Congratulations!

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