Calling all husbands of Twilight moms

twilight_group_shot-small.jpgFor the past three weeks now, my wife has lived and breathed Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight. She talks about virtually nothing else but the Twilight series, and to make matters worse, she has infected my mother – my own MOTHER! – and her best friend with the virus. It’s all Edward and Bella, Jacob and whoever else there may be in this vampire series.

I submit to you, dear reader, to wit, the many discussions we’ve had about Twilight, including:

  • Will we watch Speed Racer just to see the trailer? Apparently, there’s an exclusive tie-in right now, so will Speed Racer‘s box office fortunes be bolstered by young – and not so young – girls carrying the torch for Robert Pattinson?
  • Since Edward’s a vampire with no blood, can he and Bella have sex? Vampires are filled with venom, not blood, so how can he get it up?
  • What happens if Jacob and Bella end up together, and he imprints on someone else? (I’ve mocked Cathy by saying Jacob should imprint on Edward, that ought to spice up the series. Or what if Bella ends up with Leah, who’s had weird dreams about her?)
  • Why are there so many fan groups? There are teams for each character. Team Edward. Team Jacob. Team Bella. There are groups for your own niche. Twilight Moms. (There are also Twilight Dads, but it seems to have been created by some Twilight Moms.)

As Cathy’s best friend Jenna puts it, she, my mother, and Cathy are in it for the long haul. There’s another book coming out mid-year, the Twilight movie hits theaters in December, and there’s another book out in 2009. It looks like I’m not going to get any reprieve from this fascination with Edward and Bella until halfway through 2009, which is a good year from now.

I’ve tried to be as supportive of my wife’s proclivities – and it has also been good for me in ways that are extremely satisfying – but methinks I’m going to need my own support group. Is there a Twilight moms’ husbands group I can join?

(Photo of the Cullen and Hale families courtesy of Twilight freak Toni.)

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