I had gastric bypass surgery

Last night, I checked into Saint Luke’s Medical Center for a midnight operation that no one knew about except Cathy. I had gastric bypass surgery.

Inspired by the success of many celebrities who’ve had gastric bypass surgery, including Carnie Wilson and Randy Jackson, I decided to give up on the natural way of losing weight – exercise and diet? Bah! – and get thin the quick, albeit expensive way. So after hours of surgery, I’m now here in the hospital recuperating. There’s WiFi here, so I’m able to blog. My stomach hurts like heck, but it’s a small price to pay to look the way I used to look back in college.

Cathy was there for the operation, and took photos. They’re pretty gruesome, but if you’re interested in seeing what happens during gastric bypass surgery, click Read More to go after the jump.

You clicked!

Yeah, like I’d ever have the money for gastric bypass surgery! D-uh!

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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