Plus-size teener makes it to Miss England finals! Hooray!


For the first time in history, the Miss England beauty pageant has a size-16 contestant, and enlightened pageant enthusiasts – myself included – couldn’t be happier.

The success of 16-year-old beauty Chloe Marshall, a plus-size model and beauty therapist student, at the Miss Surrey regional competition, underlined the ever-growing clamor for a more realistic representation of beauty in mass media and beauty pageants.

Marshall, who hails from Guildford, was quoted as saying that she entered the Surrey competition to break the stereotype that one has to be tall and skinny to be considered beautiful. Chloe is 5″10 and weighs almost 170lbs.

Chloe – or Miss Surrey, as she will be known when she competes for the Miss England crown – has a figure described by her managers at Models Plus as ‘luscious.’

In an interview with Good Morning America – which brought Chloe to my attention – she was quoted as saying that she is not promoting obesity but the idea of being comfortable with who you are. If you’re curvy, you’re curvy, and no amount of dieting is going to change that for good. Marshall says she’s embraced her being curvy, and views herself as an ambassador for plus-size teens.

As a man who loves his woman because she is curvy – excuse me, Cathy is curvy, and I will sit and squash anyone who dares call my wife fat – and beautiful, I applaud Surrey’s enlightened decision to field a plus-size contestant in the Miss England pageant.  Break that mold, Chloe. I hope you win it all.

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