Brian Gorrell is not getting his money back…

… and it sucks that he’s not going to get justice. The HIV-positive Australian, a former lover of a Manila high-society denizen, has gone online and started a blog to shame – some would say blackmail – said denizen into giving him the US$70,000 that he claims the latter stole from him.

Cathy thinks that Brian’s never getting his money back: if high-society denizen were to pay him back, it would be tantamount to admitting that he stole the money, and since his reputation has already been tarnished – beyond repair? In this country? Don’t bet on it! – and he’s sought legal assistance, the odds are the high-society denizen is not going down without a fight.

Meanwhile, Manila – myself included – continues to keep track of the unfolding saga. Will Brian get his money back? Will more of said high-society denizen’s shrinking circle of friends be mentioned – attacked? ravaged? – in Brian’s blog? It’s gotten so interesting that the Philippine blogosphere didn’t even notice Malu Fernandez is back.

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