The similarities of working for God and working for Google

Avinash Kaushik blogs about what it’s like to work at Google, and anyone who’s ever worked for the IT industry would be hard-pressed not to gnash their teeth in envy. (link courtesy of a Twitter post from Migs)

As someone who left the IT industry to work for Victory Fort Bonifacio, a God-honoring, disciple-making church in Makati, I have received my fair share of questions as to why I would leave a relatively lucrative career for ‘the ministry.’ It is no surprise. However, I think working for Google and working for God have quite a number of things in common.

10. The amazingly fantastic food and impressive digs. A self-confessed “Taco Bell gourmet,” Kaushik says Google’s various restaurants serve up some of the best food he’s ever had. Over at the church in Makati, I have access to some of the best home-cooked Filipino-style meals, including unbelievable beefsteak and laing. As for ‘impressive digs,’ well, I am privileged and honored to be working in a place that speaks truth: Our God is a God of excellence, and He deserves the best. How will people ever believe our God is a God who blesses and prospers if our facilities do not reflect His capacity to bless?

9. Micro Efficiencies. Google offers its employees clever “micro efficiencies” that make life easier; added up, these result in higher productivity. Over at our church, the “micro efficiencies” come with proper communication. The objective is to honor God; serving Him in an efficient and cost-efficient manner blesses the church.

8. A company that truly cares. Yes, Victory Fort cares for me. I understood this Day One when the head of my department spent time with me teaching me how to figure out TextBlast. I understood this when, at the staff meeting, I watched all these magnificent men of God brainstorm on their latest series (which’ll be phenomenal, mind you). I understood this when I logged out of work yesterday at 6PM because I rushed some last-minute collateral to the printers, and, upon returning, another pastor played a practical joke on me – and I loved it because it was just so deliciously nasty. I love this church!

7. Brain expansion opportunities. At Victory Fort, one doesn’t just get brain expansion opportunities. One gets the rare opportunity to participate in the illumination of the Word of God.

6. The sheer amount of brilliant Google employees. I have been to two staff meetings so far. I stand witness to the brilliance of the men and women of God. From brainstorming on creative ways to get God’s message across to the frequent wisecracks – often at the gentle expense of another pastor in the room – I stand (currently silent) witness to how these people throw their hearts and souls into their service of the Lord.

5. Empowerment (The big small company). The culture at this church in Makati is quite simple: you have the freedom to speak up. Everyone has a two cents, and is given their opportunity to share their two cents. The Toyota way – where someone has the right to shut down production if something isn’t quite so – is embraced in principle here, methinks, and I think people appreciate that empowering spirit.

4. The scale of your impact. What can be more rewarding than knowing one is helping in building one’s relationship with God in a variety of ways to thousands of people? This job is arguably the most rewarding I’ve ever had in my more than a decade of full-time employment.

3. Doing Good. Um, see number four. Ha ha ha. Victory’s social and civic duties extend far and wide. The kind of support it renders the people who attend its services helps fill in a great need for the majority of those people. Aside from wedding, funeral and dedication services, our church in Makati also assists with scholarship programs, mentoring, and many other programs to really live up to the ‘Honor God, Make Disciples’ credo.

2. It’s a happening place. The energy, the vibe, the passion. Every day, I report to work and I see this fire in the eyes of the people at the ENLI Building. There is an excitement, there is a vision, there is a purpose, to which all people are working, and that vision is something that they hold very deeply and closely to their hearts. I think at the end of the day, that’s the big secret: we love what we do because we love Who we’re doing it for. When you’re motivated by love, there’s nothing you cannot accomplish.

1. The brand. Our brand has stuck around for more than 2,000 years. Our manual is the best-selling book of all time, translated into countless languages, and timeless beyond the shadow of a doubt. Billions of people throughout history have solid testimonies regarding our brand, and we believe one day, the world will be changed by the brand.

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