Prayers for justice for my half-brother, please

My half-brother Sandy was murdered last week. The entire family is in shock. My mother and Cathy, in particular, are extremely disturbed about the circumstances surrounding his death – I, for one, am not very pleased with the Sun Star article – and we’re just in a total state of denial right now.

Sandy was a very sensitive soul. He was extremely talented and so incredibly funny. He had so much life in him, and I can’t imagine why anyone would want to hurt someone like him. Well, I’m sure he, Freddie, and Dad are probably enjoying themselves right now up in heaven. Sandy! Of all people…!

It’s very hard to concentrate on work. It’s extremely hard to focus. Meanwhile, I hope the Cebu City police will find who did this to Sandy and bring them to justice. If it doesn’t work out, my God is a God of justice, and He will give those men their due in the next life.

Update: Here’s a guestbook Sandy’s classmates have set up in his memory (thank you, Phil), and here‘s an update on his case dated 02/24/08.

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