Volcanic rock massage at The Spa (20% off)

spa_volcanic_rock_massage.jpgThe Spa is offering a Valentine’s promotion titled Massage Pour Deux (Massage for Two, in case someone can’t put one and one together) at all its branches. The premise? You can book a Couple’s Room and choose from a variety of massages at around 20% off:

Given that Cathy and I have been subject to a lot of aches lately – I think it’s our bed – I talked to her about it, and the Volcanic Rock Massage looks promising. It’s a massage that uses hot basalt stones to treat aching muscles. The warmth of the stones is supposed to help achieve deeper relaxation. I haven’t had a body massage myself since my wedding in 2002 (mainly because I don’t like being half-naked in front of strangers.)

Update: We booked for Thursday, but apparently, there’s an additional update to the promo that gets bookers a chance to win a dinner package or more spa packages. I wonder if Cathy’ll object to moving our date. Hmm.

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