I’m featured in Manila Bulletin’s Blog-o-Rama

GannsDeen.com is featured on page D5 of the Manila Bulletin’s Blog-o-Rama section today. I want to specifically thank vivacious and effervescent AJ Jusay of AJay’s Writings on the Wall, who maintains Blog-o-Rama, for shining the spotlight on a Filipino-Christian blogger.

The interview takes up a half-page (!); in it, I discuss my history of blogging, the advantages of blogging as a family (and whether I’d encourage Nicki and Nathan to blog too, when the time comes), advice on starting and maintaining a blog, and the blogging rules I live by.

I was also asked, by the way, what my blog plans were for 2008. (This didn’t appear in the interview.) I replied:

My biggest wish is to blog less! Hahahaha! Seriously, I want to start Filipino-Christian blogger events, and I’m already laying the groundwork for that. Aside from working on the local Godblog scene, I’d like to promote more positivity in our blogs, and perhaps participate in more local blog events. I’ve volunteered for the second Philippine Blog Awards, and I have every intention of visiting as many local blogs as I can. There’s enough negativity out there without us contributing to the muck. One extremely selfish item on my wishlist: I wish Mandisa Hundley or Matthew West – two of my all-time favorite Contemporary Christian musicians with blogs – would drop by and leave me a note on my website or send me an email.

I was also asked if I still saw myself blogging five years from now. I replied:

I can’t imagine my life without blogging, so yeah, I’ll be blogging at 36, if technology hasn’t come up with something to replace it. (Exploring vlogs, or video blogs, is a step I’m researching on.) As a Fil-Christian blogger, I understand the importance of being online to my personal vision, which is to be a person of significant positive influence, a world changer who honors God and brings glory to His Name.”

Please do buy a copy of the Manila Bulletin so we can send out a clear message to its stakeholders that the Filipino-Christian online community is alive and well, and supportive of those in its ranks. Thanks!


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