Philippine Halloween costume makers rock my world!

Early Achievers, Nathan’s preschool, is requiring the children to show up in costume for a Halloween party this Friday. Cathy and I talked about it, and the cheapskates in us settled on either:

  • Jose Rizal, where we suit Nathan up in a barong tagalog and draw a moustache on his upper lip with eyeliner pencil. Accessories include an inkjar with matching feather, some rolled paper, and a lamp for him, to channel Rizal circa Ultimo Adios.
  • Ganns, where we dress Nathan up in a long-sleeved polo and the sweater vest that matches mine. For this outfit, his accessories include his blue laptop, Pepsi Max, and a working mp3 player.

At the time we talked, I felt we didn’t have much choice. Most local malls offer and you’re stuck with the usual fare of fairy princesses, pirates, and assorted animals, most made with subpar craftsmanship and inferior (read: itchy) material. But now, wait! I did my research, and there is a local manufacturer who makes Halloween costumes for Filipino kids (and their parents)!

This Philippine Halloween costume maker is called Bumblebee & Company, and they make unique top-quality Halloween costumes in the Philippines that don’t break the bank. Apparently, they also do birthday parties and stuff. I contacted them regarding making me a Shrek vest. I’m gonna look like this, but not as cute. LOL

Now that I’ve seen their Philippine Halloween costumes, I’m tempted to just go to them for Nathan’s party.

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