On “All Shook Up”

Can I just pick my nose instead?

Okay, so the All Shook Up casting call is set for this Saturday, October 20, at the third floor of Ateneo’s Gonzaga Hall. (Nothing like going back to your old school haunt to try something new, eh?) Philippine theater geniuses Chari Arespacochaga (Footloose, Avenue Q) and Andrei Nikolai Pamintuan (Stage of Love, Basted) are behind this Ateneo Blue Rep/Centerstage Musical Theater production of All Shook Up, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the line stretched from Gonzaga to Bellarmine.I’m still trying to decide whether or not to audition for this particular musical because 1) I can’t dance; and 2) I can’t dance.

I should’ve taken those darn dance lessons when I had the chance! *rassum frassum* Dancing is for sissies, all the high school jock boys said. Yeah, well, who’s fat now?

Actually, the jock boys and me.

Yes, Cathy dared me to take the next step and try to pursue a theater career. No, it didn’t have to be musical theater. Nevertheless, why not?

I’m watchin’ sis go pit-a-pat. I said, “I can do that… I can do that!I Can Do That, A Chorus Line

Can I dance? Heck no. Do I have the heart, stamina, and determination to train? Heck yeah.

It’s really just the fear of three things that’re keeping me back: 1) Fear of outright rejection (i.e., I sing two bars, they say thankyouverymuch, next!); 2) Fear of making a total fool of myself, being 30 and kagalang-galang; or 3) Fear of getting cut somewhere along the way because… why again?… oh, yeah, I can’t dance.

Facebook peeps say “Try anyway.” Toni, in particular says, “You could be trying out for Rachel, and end up Monica.”

I could be Lefou from Beauty and the Beast, or Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, or Quasimodo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. (I shouldn’t be trying out for CenterStage, I should be trying out for Trumpets!) Fear and fat have held me back every single time.

Well, I’m tired of being a coward. The Bible tells me I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. I didn’t go Kundirana, I didn’t go BlueRep, I didn’t go this, I didn’t go that because I was too scared. Now, I’m 30 years old, and dammit, I’m too old to be scared anymore!

What songs shall I use? Subject of next post, I suppose. (Or maybe not. A magician never reveals his tricks. Or the names of his tricks.)

Two contrasting musical theater songs with piano score. Check.

Current 2×2 picture. Check.

Resume. Check.

Dance clothes. Deep breath. Check.

Gall. Check.

Update: I didn’t go. Schedule was too hectic to commit to.

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