Elliott Yamin Philippine Tour: Mission Accomplished!

Too much to say, too much to do, all is too much right now.

Gina, my Hyundai Getz, needs her 5,000km tuneup, I miss my wife and kids, but yesterday was all about one thing and one thing only, and I got it.

This entry is a page-saver until I can elaborate more, hopefully by tomorrow.

Meanwhile, my mission for yesterday, to get Elliott Yamin to sign the special Elliott t-shirt I made for Cathy, ended on a happy successful note. I made a complete ass of myself in front of hundreds of people as part of a screaming bunch of groupies known as the Yaminoys (shout out to all us cool Elliott fans!), but I got it. One week of total Elliott Yamin madness, leading to this moment.

T-shirt signed, CD signed, body completely exhausted.

When I gave the CD booklet to Cathy, she smiled and congratulated me. When I gave her the t-shirt, which said “To: Cathy, Elliott Yamin,” her eyes opened wide, she broke into a beautiful grin, and shrieked, “You did it!”

Fewer things make me happier than making my wife so happy.

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