Conversation at Elliott Yamin’s TriNoma concert

Shortly after Elliott’s TriNoma concert, Cathy and I bumped into the sister of one of her friends. That sister was with a friend of her own. The conversation went like this:

CATHY shows off her I *heart* Elliott t-shirt.

CATHY’S FRIEND’S SISTER: Ay, nanood kayo! (Oh, you watched!)

CATHY’S FRIEND’S SISTER’S FRIEND: Nagtataka kami kung bakit andaming tao, tapos naalala ko, andito nga pala si George Eliot! (We were wondering why there were so many people here, then I remembered, George Eliot is here!)

GANNS and CATHY look at each other, stunned.

GANNS: George Eliot??

CATHY: (trying not to laugh, to her friends) George Eliot is the author of Middle March. We were here to watch Elliott Yamin, the American Idol finalist.

Mistaking George Eliot for Elliott Yamin. Sheesh. Who’s next? T.S. Eliot?

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