Let the Elliott Yamin madness begin

Tonight, American Idol Season Five finalist Elliott Yamin begins the first of several mall tour concerts throughout Metro Manila and Cebu. He is scheduled to perform at 8PM at the Trinoma Mall in the far north. (Far north, of course, being entirely relative, because I live fifteen minutes away from Trinoma.)

Cathy and I admit – cheeks ablush with embarrassment – that we have prepared ourselves adequately for today. Witness to wit:

  • We will position Gina, our trusty Hyundai Getz, at Trinoma’s covered parking lot, to ensure we have good access to the Trinoma concierge. At precisely 10AM, 400 tickets to the seated area of the Trinoma Activity Center, where Elliott is slated to perform, will be given away on a first-come, first-serve basis, and Cathy and I are prepared to run past whoever dares get in our way in what may be a mad rush for seats. After all, Wait For You went to #1 on four Manila radio stations; Elliott Yamin has a following.
  • Immediately after claiming our Elliott Yamin tickets, we will rush to the MRT station and catch the train to Makati, where we will cover Elliott’s press conference at the Glorietta Activity Center for Fudge Magazine. (Props to Annie Alejo for hooking us up.) Did you get that? We get to write about Elliott and publish it in a leading Philippine music magazine and get paid for it. Our lives rule rock are totally awesome.
  • From there, we run back to Trinoma, where we will while away the hours, perhaps with a film – I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry is #1 on my priority list; it is nowhere on Cathy’s – or perhaps with a food trip, until about 6PM, when we will head back to Gina our Philippine Hyundai Getz and put on our homemade “I heart Elliott!” t-shirts (with matching www.gannsdeen.com URLs at the bottom; hey, it won’t hurt to advertise)
  • At around 630PM, we will troop to the Trinoma Activity Center where we will get in line to ensure we have great seats for Elliott’s performance. Armed with our Amazon-purchased Elliott Yamin CD, a special tarpaulin I designed and had printed, the objective: a picture of Cathy with Elliott, a signed CD, and perhaps a signed tarpaulin.

Failure is not an option. We are not headed for a train wreck, and you can expect awesome legendary photo ops at every turn. Tune in to my Twitter account for regular updates (the window on GannsDeen.com doesn’t update as well as I’d like). Let the Elliott Yamin madness begin!

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