Ten blogs I always look forward to reading

I appreciate the Philippine blogosphere for everything it has to offer. Thanks to Google Feed Reader, I am able to keep track of more than 120 blogs from all over the world, with themes ranging from spirituality to humor, from search engine marketing to sex. Okay, maybe not sex.

Arnold Gamboa tagged me today. As some of you know, Arnold is a dear online brother in Christ whose friendship with me goes way back to when he and I worked together for a while for a local Christian publication that has ceased to operate. Since then, we have covered each other in prayer, and rely on our individual websites to keep tabs on each other. I value his friendship, and was tickled pink to be included in his daily list of ten must-reads. He, of course, is on mine, despite his inability to post regularly. *eherm*

I’ve modified his original meme, though, because, technically, some of my favorite blogs don’t update on a daily basis. Heck, GannsDeen.com isn’t updated on a daily basis either. (The personal side of my blogging life has seemed to morph towards my Multiply website.)

Having said that, I’ve modified the meme a bit to cover ten blogs I always look forward to reading for sheer enjoyment and thought-provoking content. I hope this list is broad enough to cover my range of interests and open-mindedness to a variety of topics and issues. They are, in random order:

1. PostSecret. Every Sunday (Monday in Manila), a collection of anonymous postcards is uploaded onto this website, detailing people’s secrets. The therapeutic benefits of admitting a secret in front of millions behind the cover of anonymity has led this website to become the largest non-advertisement-driven website in the world. Some secrets will literally move you to tears; others will shock you with their deviant insinuations; yet others may lead you to uncontrollable bouts of laughter. Always enjoyable, never a dull moment, potentially life-changing.

2. Wifely Steps. Toni has been a dear friend of mine since college. Her blog is a tribute to the joy of positivity and the inexplicable sensation of always looking at the world with the eyes of a child, experiencing life daily with wonder and passion. Her love for all things domestic and, of course, her beloved H, is an inspiration.

3. TessTermulo.com. I value and respect Dr. Termulo despite having met her only twice in person, because her blog is literally a tribute to the power of the written word, logic, and respect for any opinion. She and I have disagreed occasionally on a variety of topics, but we have kept that mutual respect of each other, and in the moments and issues where we do agree, I have found extreme pleasure in acquiring a formidable ally. A fierce friend and greatly respected Pinoy blogger.

4. About My Recovery. Noemi Dado is more than an inspiration. Every day, she deals with the loss of her beloved son Luijoe with grace and aplomb. No stranger to controversy but always level-headed and civil, Tita Noemi, as I brazenly call her, is the blog den mother every Pinoy blogger dreams of having. I have an almost inexplicable loyalty for defending her and her daughter, Lauren, because, end of day, it is about recognizing a woman’s humanity and potential – and watching them live it out before you online – that she and Lauren have taught me to appreciate.

5. BergLovesPizza. Berg is a 25-year-old frustrated musician whose love of music has led me to his website. He offers mp3s for consideration from some of the world’s most esteemed artists, but more importantly, he communicates his appreciation and love of music in general so eloquently on his website that every new post brings me running to see what latest nugget he’s chosen to spotlight.

6. Discipleship is Relationship. One of several blogs managed by Victory Christian Fellowship – Fort Bonifacio pastor Joey Bonifacio, this blog describes the myriad ways one can develop a relationship with God and others in the faith. He frequently compares discipleship to a variety of everyday objects or concepts, in the process simplifying abstract ideas and making it significantly easier to understand. An absolute must-read.

7. Atheista.net. I follow up Pastor Joey’s blog with Benj Espina’s Atheista.net blog. After an initially rocky start where Benj and I hated each other’s guts, I’d like to believe that he and I have developed a mutual respect for each other’s strengths and right to each other’s beliefs. An impressive writer whose passion for the word extends to his love for debate and love-hate relationship with his medical studies, Benj is one Filipino blogger I hold in highest regard.

8. What in Tarnation? Christopher Wright trains and teaches the children of tomorrow, and in his blog, details the joy and the struggle. I’ve known Mr Wright since 2001, and he’s been one of my strongest influences.

9. Journey Inside My Mind. Dan Johnson is another inspiring man who has overcome tremendous odds with grace and panache. Known for his ‘officials’ list, a wry sense of humor, and a fierce loyalty to his wife and daughter, Dan_the_man is a sterling example of what I’d eventually like to be when I grow up. If ever I grow up.

10. Empress Maruja. I only recently added Empress Maruja to my feed, but this blogger is riotously funny. I met him in the course of maintaining a blog for Philippine Idol on ABC-5, and his dedication to his craft and the show was both enjoyable and truly remarkable. One of the country’s more respected queer bloggers, I respect Maruja for everything he’s done to advance gender sensitivity – gays are people too – and cheer up the unsuspecting web surfer with carefully selected topics, an occasional flash of skin (male, what else do you expect?), and the always enjoyable zing of an insult delivered in delightfully tart gay lingo.

I also must mention Bene Diction Blogs On in passing. It’s been almost seven years, and I still have no idea whether BD is male or female. LOL Not that it matters, but Bene Diction has been one of the most steadfast influences on me as a Christian blogger. The world is better with this blogger still around.

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